I'm Tim Green. A Web Developer living in Canberra.

About Me

I'm a web developer with a passion for strong, simple websites. I have 10 years of experience working in both an advertising agency and freelance capacity, mainly focusing on building websites/web applications which are simple to use and look great.

I worked with some great agencies, government organisations, individuals and start-ups to their reach both business and website goals. I own and write on a small web design blog called SomeWhat Creative where I post resources for web designers and developers.

These are just some of the programs and skills help me along the way:

Personal Projects

SomeWhat Creative

This is my own slice on the Web Design Blog pie, SomeWhat Creative which was formally known as The Creative Project, I've set up SomeWhat Creative to focus on providing the best in Web Design News, Resources & also showcasing what are some of the best inspiration ideas in websites & logos.

Australian National Eisteddfod

Full site conversion from an static HTML website to a WordPress which allows the client to maintain their own content. (Volunteered my services to the Australian National Eisteddfod)

Simple ReactJS Chat

A simple ReactJS chat app, this app is just a fun small project that I wanted to do and learn more about ReactJS.

Spot The Fly

A simple spotify client made with ReactJS.

If you want to try it out you will need a spotify account also please note at this time you can only listen to 30 seconds of each track.

Git Adventure

A GitHub repo explorer built with React and Elasticsearch.

Meeting Calendar

A clone of Google Calendar used for meetings, built using React.

RT Ipsum

A lorem ipsum application that generates random quotes from Rooster Teeth, built using React.


Generate fake identites for profile testing. Built with uinames.com API, Semantic UI React and powered by React.

Font Awesome Pro
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